Ingenues is a not for profit company focused on inspiring children and promoting positive female role models through products, activities and events.


Our aim is to encourage all children to be more aspirational, to see the possibilities, to have a ‘yes I can’ mind set and to understand that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.


We want to draw the attention of children to the lives of ordinary women who took on exciting and challenging careers, resulting in great triumphs and discoveries, and yet are so rarely covered in the media or in the class room.


We want to see these women becoming part of everyday learning and play. Sharing information about Ingenues and our products in the press and on social media can help us to achieve this. Please feel free to use and share the press releases and articles below widely and contact us directly at for more information or to arrange an interview.

Press coverage
"Fresh from celebrating their first birthday, York based Children’s company Ingenues talk to us about their inspiration, female icons and breaking stereotypes."
Q&A: Ingenues
One & Other Creative - May 01, 2017
Article about gendered toys by Victoria Holland.
BBC Look North East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - May 09, 2016
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Amazing! Friendly and engaging workshop at FemFest '17 in Leeds, it was great fun to parents and children alike. A really fun way to educate children about influential historical women and ended with paper aeroplane races!!"
Holly Day, FemFest '17
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