28th August 2018 - Explorers and Palaeontologists Holiday Club for 4-11 year olds

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Get ready to dig and explore. Join us on the 28th August in York to learn all about palaeontology.  We will be on the hunt for new lands and learning key skills for any explorer including foraging, water purification and making bug hotels, as well as craft and drama activities based on our discoveries. It will also be for a day of fossils, dinosaurs and excavation. We will be learning, making, playing, digging, excavating and roaring our way through the day as we uncover our finds. 

The day will run from 8.30am to 5.30pm to help fit around your work day and will have activities suitable for children aged 4-11 that include science experiments, movement and drama and art.

You will be sent registration documents via email once you have reserved your place.